Una coppia

Directed by Davide Petrosino

locandina del cortometraggio una coppia
Davide Petrosino
Lillo Morreale
Producer: CSC Production
Lillo Morreale · Una Coppia (Colonna Sonora Originale)

Una Coppia is a short film directed by Davide Petrosino and produced by CSC Production. It premiered at the 18th edition of Alice Nella Città, a section of the Rome Film Festival.

Synopsis: Diego and Anna have broken up and live in different cities. They meet in Rome for a concert and spend the day together. During those hours, they have the opportunity to address all the unresolved issues that come with any breakup.


Cast: Giulia Alberoni, Angelo Spagnoletti. Story and Screenplay: Giuliana Pizi, Cristiana Regini. Music: Lillo Morreale. Editing: Susanna Lattanzi. Costumes: Francesca Moser. Set Design: Andrea Squillace. Cinematography: Camilla Cattabriga. Sound: Simone Lucarella, Andrea Oppo, Amitt Darimdur, Giulio Previ, Riccardo Marsana. Organization: Elisabetta Ariemma, Paolo Tarantini.

Official Trailer

Una Coppia in competition at Alice nella Città 2020

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