The Young Lion

Regia di Giuseppe Zoppo

the young lion locandina
Giuseppe Zoppo
Lillo Morreale
Producer: Theater 7/2 Productions

The Young Lion is a short film by Giuseppe Zoppo, produced by Theater 7/2 Productions.


Leone is a child who lives in a small town with his mother, Stefania, who takes him along every day to run errands. One day, Leone finds a bag containing letters intended for the town’s inhabitants. By reading them, he discovers their secrets and hidden connections. As the voice of the lost letters spreads, Leone decides to confess to his mother about his mischief in order to return the bag to the postman.


Screenplay: Giuseppe Zoppo. Cinematography: Giorgio Casa. Music: Lillo Morreale. Set Design: Africa Guìu. Assistant Director: Roberta Palmieri. Editing: Olga Sargenti. Makeup: Daniela D’Intino. Cast: Davide Zanolli, Stefania Delia Carnevali, Orfeo Orlando.

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