Directed by Marco Berton Scapinello

Paternicillina Lillo Morreale
Marco Berton Scapinello
Lillo Morreale
Producer: New Este Film / Sette e Mezzo Studio
Lillo Morreale · Paternicillina (Colonna Sonora Originale)

“Paternicillina – Story of a Forgotten Director” is a documentary directed by Marco Berton Scapinello.

Synopsis: “Paternicillina” is the last film by Adolfo Baruffi. It was supposed to be his first fictional work but will never see the light of day. Baruffi, a mentor of Florestano Vancini, is seen by his contemporaries as a promising talent in the realm of reality cinema; he produces more than twenty films between the late ’40s and the mid-’50s. Then, nothing more. Silence. A disappearance? A renunciation of his dream? This documentary not only aims to trace the life of a director who wanted to be forgotten but also delves into the intimate nature of the filmmaking vocation. It’s a journey into hell where yesterday and today, past and present overlap, hinting that failure is the essential test for any artist. It’s the story of a man with three lives, a poet and shoe salesman, filmmaker and man among men, a “first who’s always among the losers” with a rare smile. “Adolfo, would you do it all over again?” “No, only madness.”


Cinematography: Francesco Rubattu. Editing: Mattia Biancucci. Music: Lillo Morreale, Massimo Zamboni. Sound: Alessio Festuccia, Nicolò Razzi. Production Coordination: Roberta Palmieri. Producers: Marco Berton Scapinello, Romeo Pisano, Francesco Rubattu, Piero Passaro, Stefania Pirrone, Luca Gambelli. Cast: Romeo Pisano, Tatti Sanguinetti, Adolfo Baruffi, Paolo Veronesi, Paolo Sturla, Massimo Zamboni, Laura Sisti.


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