Directed by Simone Bozzelli

locandina j'ador
Simone Bozzelli
Lillo Morreale
Producer: CSC Production
Lillo Morreale · J'ador (Colonna Sonora Originale)

J’Ador is a short film directed by Simone Bozzelli and produced by CSC Production.

Winner of the Best Short Film award at the 77th Venice Film Festival for the International Critics’ Week.


Rome. Claudio is fifteen years old and someone has written “J’ador” on his forehead because he smells like a girl. It’s Lauro, the eighteen-year-old leader of a group of boys claiming to be fascists and engaging in activities for an extreme right-wing party. Claudio wants to join them at the “dinner” at the section, but one can only attend if part of the group, and smelling like a girl isn’t allowed. To achieve his desire in an afternoon, Claudio must lose his teenage scent and learn to smell like a man.


Screenplay: Tommaso Favagrossa, Simone Bozzelli. Editing: Christian Marsiglia. Cinematography: Callum Begley. Set Design: Alberto Gramegna, Angelica Morelli. Costumes: Giuseppe Amadio. Music: Lillo Morreale. Sound: Teresa Scarcia, Francesco Mauro. Cast: Claudio Segaluscio, Federico Majorana, Lorenzo Amici, Andrei Cuciuc, Asadul M. Haque, Filippo Marsilli, Mauro Pacitto. Producer: Elisabetta Bruscolini. Organization: Camilla Gazzola, Isabella Gomato.