copertina di isole degli antarte
Megaphone Music


00. Risveglio (Ghost Track, CD only) 01. Oasi 02. I Tuoi Giorni 03. Senza Luna 04. Nessuno 05. Scirocco 06. Bolina 07. Castelli di Sabbia 08. Buona Fortuna


Antarte are Lillo Morreale (guitar, vocals, violin), Paolo Vita (guitar, piano), and Gabriele Castelli (drums). They formed in Agrigento in 2008, releasing their first self-titled EP the following year, followed by their debut album titled “Olio su tela” in 2013. The album blends experimental rock and dream pop, featuring some jazz-infused tracks and ambient compositions. In 2016, the band’s core relocated to Bologna and expanded to include Nicola Benetti (drums), Nicolò Bosio (bass), and Urbano Pettazzoni (multi-instrumentalist). Their second album, titled “Isole,” was released in 2018. It was produced by Megaphone Music and mastered at SAM Studio by Simon Heyworth.