Il Nostro Tempo

Directed by Veronica Spedicati

Il Nostro Tempo Lillo Morreale
Veronica Spedicati
Lillo Morreale
Producer: CSC Production

Il Nostro Tempo is a short film by Veronica Spedicati. It won the Best Director award at the 76th Venice Film Festival in the International Critics’ Week category and was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2020 David di Donatello Awards.


Roberta is a nine-year-old girl who wants to enjoy the last days of summer playing with her friends on the beach. However, her father Donato insists on her staying home to help with household chores. The distance between them seems insurmountable, but the discovery that Donato is much more fragile than he appears will lead them to revalue their time together.


Screenplay: Francesca Guerriero, Giulia Magda Martinez, Sofia Petraroia, Veronica Spedicati. Cinematography: Jacopo Giordano Cottarelli. Editing: Luigi Caggiano. Music: Lillo Morreale. Sound: Chiara Santella. Set Design: Cristina Di Giampietro. Costumes: Irene Trovato. Cast: Emanuela Minno, Franco Ferrante, Celeste Casciaro. Production: CSC Production.


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