Good Morning Finch

copertina di cosmonaut dei good morning finch
Good Morning Finch
Tiny Voices / Pinmusik


01. Sputnik Girl 02. Alexis Graciov Is Gone 03. Running Away From Undine Asteroid 04. Last Rocket From Moscow To Neptune


Good Morning Finch are John, Lillo, Gloria, and Gregorio. They came to life in an unspecified place within John’s mind one night in 2010. The initial lineup gave birth to “40 Years Ago,” their first EP, copies of which were hidden in various locations around Dublin and Edinburgh. In 2013, with the current lineup, they released the second EP titled “Cosmonaut,” a concept based on space explorations, lost cosmonauts, and philosovietic romanticism. The track “Running Away on Undine Asteroid” was included in the compilation Viscere vol.1 produced by Stop Records, while “Sputnik Girl” ended up on Ambilogue published by the German label Pinmusik. The Cosmonaut tour saw the Good Morning Finch engaged in various gigs across Italy. In February 2015, the single “La stagione delle eclissi” anticipated the release of their first album titled “Gemini” by Waves for the Masses label.