Ancella d’Amore

Directed by Emanuela Muzzupappa

Lillo Morreale Ancella d'Amore Colonna Sonora originale
Emanuela Muzzupappa
Lillo Morreale
Synth Tonic Records
Producer: CSC Production
Lillo Morreale · Ancella d'amore (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ancella d’amore is a short-film by Emanuela Muzzupappa.

Premiered at the 2023 Poitiers Film Festival



In a small town in Southern Italy, a mother’s prayer saves her daughter from certain death. In exchange, the girl will be forced to wear the dress of Saint Rita.


Screenplay: Emanuela Muzzupappa, Simone Ruggieri. Editing: Mattia Napoli. Music: Lillo Morreale. Costumes: Alice Di Luigi. Cast: Erica Bianco. Production: CSC Productions


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