Strada 85 Released Today

lillo morreale tour d'hiver

Today, ‘Strada 85’ is released, the second single from the tour d’hiver, a musical project I share with my dear musical companion and fellow adventurer John Distefano. With tour d’hiver, we aim to return to a dimension where only music takes center stage, where we don’t get lost in promotion, photos, and interviews. The rest is noise. We release a song every now and then, whenever we feel like it, without haste. You probably won’t hear about this track anywhere, and we would love for you to discover it by chance, either by reading this article or stumbling upon it through the recommendations of a friend who happened to listen to it.

‘Strada 85’ is a summary of many things we have experienced in the past months, and it’s also an invitation to reclaim the time for listening, which seems to have been lost somewhere. If you listen to it on your phone, it’s terrible, you won’t understand anything. When you have the chance, take five minutes and listen to it calmly with headphones, maybe while walking. If you’re in your room, it works better in the dark or with dim lights.

I won’t include the link. You can find it on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube, and all digital platforms, but you have to search for it. Let’s reclaim our time, happy listening.