remote_min/exp vol_3

lillo morreale remote min exp live

Recently, I had the great pleasure of being involved in the remote_min/exp project, in which I participated by playing in the third volume. It’s an intriguing project of sonic experimentation carried out by a collective of musicians orbiting the Bologna music scene. The project was born during the lockdown and is driven by a true DIY philosophy.

The manifesto of remote_min/exp:

remote_min/exp is a collective that emerged in March 2020 from the need to create and share music during the period of social distancing. The collective produces group music without explicit credits: for each volume, the names of the participating musicians are known, but it’s not specified who played what and where. Each artist submits their contribution, and then the collective redistributes the material among the participants, so that nobody knows the direction the composition has taken until the end and how their own musical language has integrated with others’. We believe in grassroots culture production and dissemination, in DIY, copyleft, IDM, and noise. We support friendly aggregation, spontaneity, and disorganization. We believe that independent art can counteract massification and prevailing conformities

Participated in vol_3: SacroBosco / BobNowhere / EzioRomano / PaolaDIY / MarinaLiotta / LilloMorreale / MariolìGuida / SalvoMorabito / RickMattioli / RegRogOig / CarloMarrone