33rd Lovers Film Festival

lillo morreale, paola perrone e marco varvello al Lovers Film Festival

In these days, I’ve been in Turin at the 33rd edition of the Lovers Film Festival. I participated as a composer in the Music Riot section and made it to the finals alongside Paola Perrone and Marco Varvello.

In the days leading up to the award ceremony, I attended a Composition Masterclass reserved for the finalists, conducted by Teho Teardo. During the class, we did/wrote/listened to many interesting things, culminating in a transcendent listening session of Brian Eno while lying on the floor with closed eyes.

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of performing live at Cinema Massimo with my new musical adaptation for the short film ‘Femina’ by Giancarlo Scrofani aka Janka, in front of a respected jury including Max Viale of Gatto Ciliegia and Marco ‘Benz’ Gentile. Afterward, we ended up eating mini-pizzas at 5 in the morning at a hidden bar in Turin.

If you want to listen to my new music for ‘Femina,’ here they are: